From the South (New York State)

-Interstate 81 North, across the border, to the 401 heading West towards Kingston and Toronto.

-  Take Exit 619 (Montreal Street/Kingston/Battersea).  Exit 619 is ~25.8 miles from the entrance to the 401 (approx. 25 minutes on the 401).  The “619” represents kilometers and so is 4 kilometers after the exit that precedes it (#623).

-  Go north on Montreal Street (also called Battersea Rd.).  You will turn Left at the end of the exit ramp off the 401.

-  Go ~12.3 miles north on Montreal St/Battersea Rd. to the small village of Battersea (approx. 15 minutes from the 401)

-Two tenths of a mile (.2 miles) after the General Store in Battersea turn Left on Loughborough View Drive (dirt road).  The road sign is on the right side of the road and at the entrance to the road is a sign reading Loughborough Inn (has outboard motor advertising - Evinrude, etc.).

-The Loughborough Lake Marina is at the end of the road

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