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           Big Island is a magnificent 32-acre private island located on Loughborough Lake in Battersea Ontario.  The island is just 20 minutes north of Kingston and only 2.5 hours from Syracuse, New York.  Big Island, which sleeps 10 comfortably, is 5 minutes by boat from its home marina.

          Loughborough Lake, over 22 miles in length, is one of the premier lakes in all of Ontario.  It hosts some of the best fishing in the province and is summer home to numerous celebrities, including actor Dan Aykroyd and NHL hockey legends Wendel Clark, Kirk Muller, Doug Gilmour, Dave Ellett, and Syl Apps.

Island Facts

         Big Island is the largest island on Loughborough Lake and one of the largest privately owned islands in Eastern Ontario.  Big Island has 1.25 miles of shoreline that varies from steep rock cliffs to gentle grassy slopes (where fawn are often seen resting with their moms) to dense pine and deciduous forests.

          In addition, Big Island features walking trails that lead to some of the island’s special spots. One trail will lead you to Sunrise Point where an early morning cup of coffee is especially enjoyable.

          The longest walking trail takes you down the center of the island to a beautiful rocky outcropping (named Picnic Rock), perfect for a meal or tent camping.  Another trail leads through a mature pine forest to a remote rocky bluff where deer have been spotted sipping from the lake in the early morning.


Big Island is effectively a ‘private nature preserve’ with its own indigenous wildlife.  There are deer on the island, and fawns are spotted each spring.  Beaver have taken up residence and careful investigation will reveal their lodges, built in out-of-the-way swampy inlets.  In addition, the island is home to raccoons, fox, mink, skunks, porcupines, muskrat, owls, osprey, eagles, pileated woodpeckers, and loons.  Many of these animals can be seen by paddling to a large bay surrounded by remote wilderness on the northeast end of the island.

          Many a night on Big Island is filled with the haunting and mystical calls of the loon, Canada’s most beloved and protected bird.  It is a common sight to see pairs of these picturesque icons of the North diving for fish just off the shores of Big Island.

          An annual event on Big Island involves turtles.  Each year pregnant females come ashore, dig holes, and lay their eggs.  The odds seem to be that, long before hatching, most of the eggs are discovered by the island’s small and inquisitive mammals.

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